The pandemic hit different countries and most suffered worse. In UK, many people got hospitalized but more had no access to hospital because mainly of budget or location. We in, Center East Recreational Center, created a team to help people who had been affected by the virus.

We opened our center as a health care facility to house all those who can’t afford to have themselves checked up in a hospital. Our doctors were treating people with and providing food for their families who were left in the household. We have housed over 200 patients since 2020 and we are happy to share that there were no casualties and everyone survived the virus.

We will continue to do this even if the number of affected people have went down in UK already. We have started including programs specific for Covid-19. We have a dedicated space already for people who needs care and those who needs to be quarantined. We are offering Covid-19 vaccines and boosters for those people who wants to get those and we have also built a training program for doctors to fastern their medical response to the virus.

Here are some of what our Covid-19 patients and doctors have to say.

Brendan Benette

“I am very grateful to Center East Recreational Team for helping me and my family. We all had Covid and they let us in their space and gave us food. We are all better now because of them.”

Dr. Michelle Fisher

“I too was very nervous when this whole Covid-19 started. As a doctor, I had to act right away even if this thing was still new but thanks to Center East Recreational Team in providing us the knowledge to better respond to this kind of situation.”

Amelai Edwards

“My children had Covid-19 and I didn’t know what to do. I had no money to bring them to the hospital because I only had a part time job and I got laid off. I heard from my neighbors about Center Easr Recreation Team’s Covid-19 programs and I immediately went there. I was accommodate right away and they treated my childer. I am forever in debted to this team. They saved my children!”

Dr. Alex Williams

“I wanted to help those people who got Covid-19. I wanted to extend my service as a doctor so that is why I participate to their program. I am very happy that I am able to help a lot of people.”

Center East Recreational Center accepts sponsorships and donations to help improve our programs and activities for Covid-19 response. We are all committed here to end this virus!