Our team of doctors are very dedicated with their work and are experts in different fields. They formed this center with a common goal of extending health care to the most needed and training more doctors like them who will provide medical support for this people. Our application process is very easy and here’s a step by step process.

Application form – any one who wants to participate in our trainings, workshops and immersions are welcome and the first thing that they need to do is to submit an application form just to get important details. We need to know your career pathing so we would know where we can support you more.

Letter of Intent – to be attached in the application, any aspiring doctor/participant is required to submit a letter of intent to further elaborate the plans for the career and what aspects are they willing to be trained on.

Interview – we would want to get to know you more face to cface and get the feel of what are your plans for your career and how you are as a doctor. You will be interviewed by our top management and here’s what you need to know about them.

Dr. Raymond Styles (Director of Operations for Center East Recreational Center) – He’s a family physician and has been in the field for more than 20 years already. He is very eager to teach more doctors so that people will be given the best of health care.

Dr Patricia Smith (Head of Training) – She’s in the field of Internal Medicine and she has been spearheading all activities and trainings being held in the center. She wants to help further develop the skills of doctors so she makes the training very interactive and more relatable.

Dr. Kim Wilson (Project Manager) – She’s in Neuro and she managers all projects being produced by the center. This includes the medical outreach program and other immersions that’s being coordinated with partner hospitals.

These are just the three easy steps in order to join the programs and activities under Center East Recreational Center. We want our participants to be well devoted and committed to the profession and the things that they will further learn just like our team of doctors who started this center. In the end, we want our trainees to be our future partners in making this center bigger, more successful and more reachable for people who are in dire need of medical care.